‘Sea Grass-lungs of the ocean’


Seagrass pieces are tall long necked vases in various sizes thrown in 1 piece on the wheel. Sizes do vary due to the hand made nature of these pieces. A chuck is used to turn a foot at the base of the form.

The form is glazed on the inside and at the rim. There is a clear glaze applied over the top of the brushed on copper oxide in the carved area.

This form and design ‘Sea Grass’ is an expression of my passion to bring awareness to the importance of preserving and maintaining healthy oceans. Sea-grasses support highly productive and diverse ecosystems and are vitally important in the coastal environment. They are a source of food and shelter; oxygenate water, trap sand and recycle nutrients. They also provide breeding habitats and nursery areas for many marine organisms.

This form is 22cm high

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Seagrass Vase

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